Hypnotherapy for Chronic Anxiety: How Does It Work?

chronic anxietyMost of us experience some anxiety from time to time and in some doses, a little bit of anxiety can actually be good for you. Here we discuss chronic anxiety and how hypnotherapy can help.
People who use anxiety well can direct it to actually assist them better to succeed such as; run faster, speak with enthusiasm and generally perform better as anxiety causes an over supply of adrenaline.
For some people, anxiety is a chronic problem that takes over their life. This can take the form of excessive worrying about lots of different things to the extent that it interferes with your day-to-day life and not being able to fall asleep because your mind is constantly racing, for example. It can also encourage or exaggerate a range of physical symptoms such as muscle tension, chronic headaches and even IBS.
This can be very distressing and draining, and it can feel as though every day is a constant battle.
Hypnotherapy can be a great way to break this pattern and is becoming more popular as a treatment option for chronic anxiety. Here’s what you need to know about how hypnotherapy can help you to overcome anxiety!

Why Do Some People Develop Chronic Anxiety?

Anyone can potentially develop anxiety, although some factors can make this more likely.
Having stressful things happen in your life is one potential trigger, such as job-related stress, relationship troubles, bereavement, experiencing a traumatic event, giving birth, abuse and problems with your health.
Sometimes, there won’t be any obvious cause for your anxiety and it will seem to come out of the blue. This can be hard to deal with as you can’t trace your symptoms back to a particular time or trigger.
In a lot of cases, stress is one of the main triggers for anxiety. You may not actually realise how much stress you’ve been under until you start to notice anxiety symptoms but this is your body’s way of telling you that it can’t take much more stress.

What is Involved?

The main focus of hypnotherapy for anxiety involves tapping into your unconscious mind.
This puts you in a more positive mindset by swapping negative beliefs and worries that are triggering your anxiety in favour of more helpful ones. Once you are in a suitably relaxed state of mind, this paves the way for changing your beliefs so they no longer trigger the same reactions, even if they are long standing ones. In their place, your hypnotherapist can put forward more positive suggestions and reactions to the original triggers.
This is a lot more effective than medication, which often acts as little more than a sticking plaster and doesn’t address the underlying factors behind your anxiety. It also means that you can stop trying to fight back against anxiety symptoms, which usually just serve to make the situation worse.

Does It Work?

Hypnotherapy can help you to regain control and get on top of your anxiety. This is because it taps into a calm and highly relaxed state of mind that is very hard to achieve under normal circumstances if you suffer from chronic anxiety and are on edge most of the time.
If you’re almost constantly in a state of stress and have the physical symptoms that tend to go hand in hand with this, you may well be sceptical that you’ll actually be able to be hypnotised and find this relaxed place.
Almost anyone can be hypnotised; the key to success is really wanting to change your life. If you’re truly committed to the idea of overcoming your anxiety, your tension is unlikely to stop you being able to go into a trance. And once you get there, it’s probably going to relieve a lot of that tension!

How Long Does It Take?

It generally takes a few sessions to make good progress in changing your negative beliefs to overcome anxiety but some changes can often start to be seen after the initial session.
If you’re struggling with chronic anxiety and want to break its hold on you, hypnotherapy could be the solution for lasting change. It works a lot better than medication in actually treating the root cause(s) of your anxiety symptoms and doesn’t have side effects. It’s a safe and natural way to treat anxiety and could be just what you need to regain control of your mental health!