6 Big Myths About Hypnotherapy – Dispelled!

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around hypnotherapy, and unfortunately this means that a lot of people don’t have any real understanding of how hypnotherapy works as a therapy and how much it can help you.
In this post, I’m addressing some of the biggest myths about hypnotherapy to explain how it all really works, so please keep reading and if you have any other concerns from what you have heard in the past and are a little concerned about, please comment below!

Myth #1 – You Lose Control When You’re Hypnotised

One of the biggest myths about hypnotherapy is the idea that you automatically lose control during a session. This is a myth, in actual fact you are in complete control and cannot be made to do anything you  wouldn’t agree to consciously.
This idea is largely influenced by what you may have seen during stage shows, in which participants seem as though they’re being made to do ridiculous things.
It’s important to understand that you can’t be made to do anything against your will during hypnosis. It’s actually very difficult for a hypnotherapist to persuade people to do things that are out of character for them, even when they’re in a trance.
Stage shows work on the basis that the people who are selected to take part are keen to be involved, are highly suggestible and aren’t asked to do anything that is out of character for them. Anyone who may be uncomfortable with what they’ll be asked to do isn’t likely to be chosen to go on the stage. The techniques that they use on the stage are different to the ones that are used during hypnotherapy sessions.
Hypnotherapy is all about putting you in a relaxed state of mind – similar to when you lapse into daydreaming or the feeling just before you fall asleep.
A good hypnotherapist can use the heightened suggestivity and reduced inhibitions that come with hypnosis to encourage you to take suggestions on board that you may otherwise be less inclined to accept but this is entirely different to being controlled.
Your hypnotherapist will work with you to overcome your problems rather than being in control of you.

Myth # 2 – Some People Can’t Be Hypnotised

Pretty much anyone can be hypnotised, although the depth of the trance can vary from person to person. This is good news as it means that most people have the potential to benefit from hypnotherapy!  Anyone can fight or resist hypnosis, and no-one can be hypnotised against their will. If you agree to it, and allow yourself to sit back and relax; then you can be hypnotised.

Myth #3 – Hypnosis Means You’re Asleep

People often seem as though they’re asleep when they’re under hypnosis but this isn’t really the case.  The depth of trance is so deep and enjoyable that you enter a dream like state.
Your brain is still fully alert and very responsive and some people actually find that their senses are more heightened than usual!

Myth #4 – You’ll Forget Everything That Happens During Hypnotherapy

Not everyone goes into a deep trance during hypnosis but if you do, you might find that you can’t remember some of the things that your hypnotherapist said. This can make you feel as though you must have been asleep or “out of it” during the session.
In a deep trance, your conscious mind tend to switch off while the subconscious mind absorbs all the suggestions and this is why you’re less inclined to remember. A lot of people only go into a light trance (which is all that is needed for hypnosis) and will remember the majority of what is said in sessions.

Myth #5 – You May Not Come Out of Hypnosis

Some people are scared that they won’t come out of trance, usually because they don’t understand how hypnosis works.
A trance is essentially just a deep form of concentration. Most of us will experience trances on a daily basis when we watch television or drive long distances so the concept isn’t actually that unfamiliar to us.
Your hypnotherapist will be in constant communication with you during your session and will bring you out of the trance at an appropriate time. Most of the time, this will be as simple as commanding you to open your eyes.

Myth #6 – You’re Cured After One Hypnotherapy Session

Some problems can be cured after just one hypnotherapy session, especially quitting smoking, but it’s not an instant magic cure for everything. Depending on what you’re seeking hypnotherapy for, it may take several weeks or months to start making significant progress.

I hope this post has helped you to gain a better understanding of how hypnotherapy works and removed some of the doubts you might have had about using this type of therapy to treat problems in your life!